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Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan International Colleges offers accredited English language courses, exam preparation, university pathways and junior programmes in 64 schools across 4 continents. 


Our schools and colleges offer a high-quality learning environment and are located in exciting city centres and on prestigious university campuses. We use the latest teaching methods, learning technology and our own unique curriculum to help students achieve their goals in the most effective and enjoyable way. 




English Language Courses

KIC English language schools are available across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 


Kaplan’s Vacation English, General English and Intensive English courses start every Monday, and students can study for any length of time. Exam courses include preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and Cambridge exam preparation. 


Whatever their reasons for studying English, we aim to provide each of our students with the ‘experience of a lifetime’, which means that attention is paid to every detail of their programme. From comprehensive pre-departure information, to carefully chosen accommodation in homestay, residence or apartment, and a varied programme of social and cultural activities, Kaplan takes care of every aspect of the student experience from start to finish.


University Preparation

Kaplan International Colleges works in partnership with a selection of the world’s leading universities to provide academic pathway programmes tailored for international students.


Join a global network

We offer pathways to university in the UK, the USA and Australia. Our colleges specialise in preparing international students for successful and rewarding undergraduate and postgraduate study at leading universities. Progression to the partner university is guaranteed on successful completion of a pathways programme at the required level.


Partner universities in the UK

• Bournemouth University

• City University London

• Cranfield University

• Nottingham Trent University

• The University of Brighton

• The University of Glasgow

• The University of Liverpool

• The University of Westminster

• The Merrimack College


• The Quinnipiac University



Partner universities in the USA

• Northeastern University (Global Pathways)

• Pace University (Global Pathways)



Partner universities in Australia

• Murdoch University

• The University of Adelaide

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